[Video] Lady Cries Out Because Her Boyfriend Lasts For Only 2 Minutes


Gone are the days when teenagers wouldn’t even think of dating a man and more over having to do something with him .

In a video which is circulating on social media , a lady with name given as Amanda was captured crying out because whenever she hands herself to her man ( boyfriend), he doesn’t last long .

She said the boyfriend last for only 2 mins which is really worrying as she doesn’t get any excitement whenever they meet.

She proceeded by saying that she was persuaded by the iphones and luxurious things he bought for him not knowing he was a weakling in bed .

In the video she said ” I was deceived by the iphones and expensive things he bought for me .I always prayed for a man who can last for 30 mimutes , 1 hour or 2 hours. Those who last 30 minutes and above can’t afford her luxury”.

Quite hilarious .

Take a break and watch the video below. Hope you have a good laugh and as you laugh do advise your children to desist from certain practices .

Credit: browngh.com

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