Advertise With Us

ADVERTIZING ON GHEVENTPLUS offers clients several advertising ability to target marketing campaigns that are web-only.
These advertisement opportunities will give your products and services high exposure to our web users.
With more than One million average monthly unique users, is the entertainment website destination for web advertising.The funding which this generates is used to develop better content, programming and infrastructure.

Banner options:

Leader (728×90): wide banner which attracts attention of all visitors as banner is place on top of the site. It is visible on all pages of the site.

Sidebar (300×250 & 300×600): Banner placed on the sidebar (widget) of the website. It is visible on all pages of the website.

Leader ad could be placed at the top of posts. This will result to getting more clicks and views on the ad as the post is viewed.

Sidebar ad could be placed at the side bar of posts. This is done to attract more clicks on the ad and more views on the ad.

Here are the rates if you want to advertise on our website.

Leader ad to show on all pages for 3 months = 2500 cedis

Sidebar ad to show on all pages for 3 months = 1500 cedis

Leader ad to show in post only for 3 months = 1000 cedis

Sidebar ad to show in post only for 3 months = 800 cedis

NB: Payment can be made full or installment within the 3 month duration

For more information on how we can assist you in developing a program that will help you meet your marketing needs and objectives, please contact us on [email protected] or call 0245294865

We accept

  1. Animated or static GIF;
  2. JPG image file banner;
  3. An audio creative must have an on/off button, or a mouse-over;
  4. May contain HTML, Flash, GIF and simple JavaScript;
  5. Flash: Adobe Flash version 8 animation (SWF incl. GIF backup);
  6. Each creative must be delivered as a SWF(Flash Player File) with the clicktag action for measuring clicks according Industry Standard;
    Animation loop unlimited;
    Alt text maximum 128 characters;
    An active clickthrough/ URL must be provided for each creative;
    Actionscript should look like (Flash 8 Action Script version 2):
    on (release) {
    getURL(_root.clickTag, “_blank”);

Deadline delivery

All standards ads must be provided three (3) business days before the campaign start date.